Intuitive and Compassionate
Michaela brings a very unique approach to her sessions in that she is able to access her gifts effortlessly with the goal of being of assistance. What I have experienced is her ability to use her intuition in the moment to see what needs to come forth and to use dialogue and thought-provoking questions alongside hands-on techniques to release old thoughts and patterns that may be holding you back from being in your highest potential. I found her approach valuable as I have been able to work with all my aspects: my mind, spirit, emotions and body. Her work is able to work on all these levels and get to what is most important in the moment. It is hard to explain in words why I so highly recommend trying a session with Michaela. But if you are interested in making a positive shift in a certain area of your life and want to work with a very supportive, compassionate woman who is highly skilled at what she does, give her a try.
Alex Leikermoser, Eco-preneur


Grounded and Open
To work with Michaela is to embark on a journey of discovery that is transcendent and empowering. She provides a safe environment in which to divine answers to questions from a place beyond words. She is the rock on which to stand as you venture into the unknown. She is the space in which to return to build your own foundation, and the guide who challenges you to take responsibility for personal healing and evolution. She performs ceremony with integrity, love and beauty. I am deeply honoured to have been part of Michaela’s journey and look forward to her continued blossoming as a talented and remarkable shamanic coach. Angela T.


Gifted Energy Practitioner
During the over three years in which I have been seeing Michaela, I have experienced profound shifts. I first went looking for a tool to help me get past a strong mind that made moving out of my head difficult. I have worked with a number of energy and chakra balancing practitioners over many years and Michaela’s work has been most satisfying to me. Not only does the balancing support me but in that process I have been led on many journeys of deep and transformative insights. Michaela is a gifted practitioner who I highly recommend!
Elizabeth C.


Supportive and Authentic
Whenever I attend Michaela’s workshops or women’s group, I feel as though I’m in an alternate reality – a reality where women are honoured, encouraged and respected. I feel, both in my mind and in my body, that I am safe – safe to voice the unspoken, safe to question, safe to uproot my wounding and immerse myself in the healing process. Michaela’s encouragement to go for the edge and the way she speaks with such honesty about her experiences (no prettying it up), support me in my desire to lead an authentic life. Now I feel more in touch with my inner knowing, my gut and my feelings, and I am finally in a place where I trust them. I am deeply grateful to my Highest Self for nudging me in Michaela’s direction.
Leah B.


Supportive and Authentic
I have fallen in love with the me that I see.  The sacred space and ceremonies created by Michaela as well as her ability to identify the impact of social “norms” on how we connect and honour our bodies allowed me to break old patterns of judgment of my physical self.  We were offered the opportunity to dig deep and to examine and shift our core beliefs about our bodies, allowing me to feel and to love myself from head to toe and this makes me feel strong and able to handle whatever challenges come my way.
Susan C.