Shamanic Coaching Toronto

What is Special or Different About Shamanic Coaching?

All coaching is generally client-led – the client decides what area or challenge they want to work on – and this is true of shamanic coaching as well. As a Shamanic Coach and Practitioner, it is my role to support you to more clearly hear the voice of your spirit, help you clarify your intent and share resources, techniques and ceremonies so that you can do what your spirit is guiding you to do.

What is a typical session like?

A session often begins with the clients sharing what is going on in their life that has brought them to shamanic coaching. This starts to bring to light what their intent is – what it is they want to work on, what they want to heal, what they want to manifest in themselves and their world. Once we have determined what their intent for the session is, I choose what knowledge sharing, tools or techniques I have that would most benefit the client’s situation and intent. This may involve a chakra balancing, a letting-go technique or a drum journey for the client to gather the necessary information. Every session is different and is tailor made for the client and where they are right in the moment.


Coaching Sessions are $150.00 plus hst and are 90 minutes long.
Shorter or longer sessions are available.

Shadow Coaching

While all who have been in my “office” love it, some benefit from having me in their space while they are going about their everyday life. Depending on each person’s situation, this can be at home, at work or out doing everyday chores. The benefit here is that you do not need to recount something that happened, life is happening in the here and now. I observe, engage and coach you in real time, suggesting different ways of looking at things, personalized shamanic techniques and support to make the changes you are seeking.


Shadow Coaching sessions are for a minimum of 3 consecutive hours plus travel time for $250.00 plus hst.