Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice Ceremony

Come and join others in letting go of the dark of 2013 while we welcome the light of 2014.

We will use our intent, our collective energy, the element of fire and the lighting of candles to release that which no longer serves us and to acknowledge our shining.

Please join us!

When? Saturday, Dec 21st 6-10pm

Cost? $25.00 + snack for the feast

Where? Toronto westend location tba to registrants.

Register by Dec.18 by filling in the form to the right.

Host? Michaela Otto, ceremonialist, shamanic coach & practitioner

Limited space


7 Veil Group Ceremonies

I am in the planning stages of holding the 7 Veil Group Ceremonies. These ceremonies come from the Rainbow Bridge Ceremonial Society (RBCS) which has been given the “sacred trust” to pass down the seven sacred ceremonies to assist humans during this transitional period of 2012-2013. These ceremonies are for personal growth and healing, and to foster collective evolution for human beings.

There is much written about December 21, 2012. What the RBCS understands is that we stand at a powerful crossroads. Not one of ending and destruction, but of a movement to higher consciousness of balance, peace, beauty, and harmony within and with people from all walks of life. It is our hope that these ceremonies ease the transition for those who read and do these ceremonies. If we as humans are in balance, then we will end our misuse of Grandmother Earth.  Sacred trust is an ancient understanding of safekeeping and protection of the ceremonies for future generations and to ensure the ceremonies are available to people for many years to come. (From RBCS)

Watch this page for the details!

For more information about the Rainbow Bridge Ceremonial Society, go here.