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Woman of Substance ~ Workshop Series

Do you dislike or even hate your body?

Do you feel disconnected from your body and your life?

Do you ever feel you’re just “not enough”?

Do you often think you’d be happy “if only I were…”?

Do you want to end this struggle?

A woman’s relationship with her body is often challenged and compromised by many factors. While every woman’s journey is unique to her, we have all been deeply affected by, and perhaps scarred by, our upbringing, trauma, society and the media. As a result, many of us have disconnected from our bodies. This separation can show up as emotional eating, never feeling at home, being unable to make things happen in our lives, feeling creatively stuck or blocked, or not knowing what we truly desire. At worst there is a strong hatred of the body and at best, an uneasy relationship with the temple that holds our spirit.

Now is the time to joyfully and wholeheartedly reconnect with your body and the fullness of its wisdom and its power…it is time to become a woman of substance.

Over these ten months you will learn practices, techniques, rituals and ceremonies to help you:

  • transform your negative self-talk and core beliefs
  • hear your body’s wisdom and learn to trust your intuition
  • connect to the deep power within you
  • fully embrace and honour your body
  • open up to who you really are and blossom as a woman of power ~ a woman of substance.